Perşembe, Eylül 22, 2016

A year, or years I should say, passed. So many people dreams visions realities. forgotten abandoned trespassed altered.
Years of illusion addiction aloofness misunderstandings impulsiveness insecurities disguised as love. Years of chaos alter-egos imaginary friends epiphanies and pretentious forgiveness.
There is more. There is punishment guilt pain tearing. There is looking within and the price of looking within.
Suddenly it appears. A glimpse of the huge nothing. the void. the vast thingless timelessness. The rise of the nada. Oh and look there I am. Hello me. I am nowhere. I never was. I am not. I never will be.
And the darkness. Oh Hello Darkness I'm walking through you if I may. And as I walk I know: it wasn't there for me to fight it. it just is.
it's darkness doing his own business being dark. so I realize I should be doing mine being this curly funny confused being with a strangely wired delete button. and for some unknown reason i feel this immense love for all that i am and i am not. I feel completely unbreakable while my shattered pieces are bigbanging over and over again.
this is love. this is life. a pulse.

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